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Joe Hudson

Joe Hudson is a sought-after executive coach and creator of The Art of Accomplishment, an online learning platform for personal development. As a venture capitalist, Joe found that the most rewarding aspect, and the part he was most successful at, was the mentorship and coaching of the leadership of his portfolio companies. This insight moved him to his present role as a coach, business consultant, and teacher.
He now coaches 12 CEOs and leaders in prominent companies and runs transformative programs for both individuals and businesses. He is practicing a craft that makes big, lasting, and overwhelmingly positive impacts on the lives of people in his programs and in the companies he works with.

Brett Kistler

Brett is an entrepreneur, adventure athlete, and coach. He spent over a decade traveling the world to perform roughly 3,000 skydives, BASE jumps, and wingsuit flights in locations including Uganda, Turkey, Iran, and the Arctic. During this time, he built a remote software business,, now composed of several dozen team members across a handful of cultures and timezones.

Steeped in a lifestyle that frequently evokes both elation and tragedy, Brett’s explorations have turned inward to the emotional factors that drive decision-making and determine our capacity to process intense experiences with joy and acceptance.
He’s followed this thread through neuroscience, psychology, psychedelics, and contemplative practices to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he met and started working with Joe in 2018. Brett immediately appreciated the depth and broad applicability of Joe’s work, leading him to explore it deeply and ultimately partner up to bring these powerful tools to a wider audience in the form of this podcast.
For more about Brett’s coaching practice, visit

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