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Joe Hudson

Joe is a coach, facilitator, and teacher conducting one-on-one coaching, courses, and workshops with some of the world’s most talented leaders and high-impact corporations. He developed his unique approach to personal transformation over the last decade and has taught it to thousands of people around the world. Art of Accomplishment was created out of a desire to bring the same high-impact to individuals.

Prior to coaching, Joe worked as a venture capitalist, philanthropist, consultant, international banker, and teacher. His work springs from a 25-year meditation practice as well as his study of dozens of modalities from other spiritual, psychological, and neurological traditions.

Joe activates people, leaders, and teams to show up in their full power and creativity. He is a leader at the intersection of business and personal development and operates from the understanding that transformation can be easier than most people think.

Joe is effective not because he gives advice, but because he trusts the wisdom of his students and poses questions that create deep reflection. Because his clients and students show up with courage and vulnerability, they experience incredible results in a very short period of time

“We are taught early on that if we accomplish enough, we will have the life of our dreams. Only we find that this fails to make us happy and doesn’t fulfill our hopes.

The art is in unlocking your joy. If you can do that, you will not only have a much more fulfilled life, you’ll accomplish much more with less effort than you ever imagined possible.”

—Joe Hudson

For Businesses

Joe has received rave reviews for his team workshops and courses.  All our major courses are easily adapted for companies, and we have several trainings not offered online. We're happy to explore your needs and offer a solution that will deliver great results.



Experiential, live team workshops for 30-500 people

Online Courses

Unusually impactful courses for productive individuals and teams

Speaking Engagements

Interactive teaching, coaching, and training

Coaching And Teaching

Joe offers a variety of coaching and teaching opportunities, ranging from online courses to in-person workshops and retreats.

Online Courses

Joe designs and runs online courses for individuals looking to deepen their self-exploration journeys.

1:1 Executive Coaching

Joe coaches a handful of executives on a limited basis, by invitation and referral only.

In-Person Intensives

Masterclass Alumni have the opportunity to attend weekend and weeklong in-person intensives.

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