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Joe Hudson

The “coach behind Silicon Valley’s unicorn CEOs,” Joe Hudson is one of the most sought-after teachers among the world’s top leaders at OpenAI, SpaceX, Apple, and more. He coaches a small group of executives by invitation only and has collaborated with Esther Perel, Bessel van de Kolk, Patty Wipfler, and Tiago Forte.

Joe’s unique approach to transformation draws from several spiritual, psychological, and neurological practices. It blends 25+ years of personal development and corporate experience and has been taught to thousands of people around the world.

During his early career, Joe threw fish in Alaska, taught at Headstart in low-income housing projects, directed television in Hollywood, and worked in international stock lending. Immersion in these diverse environments drove home what he already knew: There is never just one way of looking at anything, and there is inherent wisdom in every person.

He then began a 13-year career in venture capital and managed a philanthropic foundation, working with a diverse array of businesses and executives across six continents. In that time, Joe spearheaded the first venture capital company to focus on sustainable agriculture and was the largest investor in the first sustainable agriculture IPO on Nasdaq.

Joe is incredibly effective not because he gives advice, but because he trusts the wisdom of his students and poses questions that create deep reflection. Because his clients and students show up with courage and vulnerability, they experience incredible results in a very short period of time. At the center of his life are his wife, Tara Howley, and his two daughters, Esme and Oona.

“We are taught early on that if we accomplish enough, we will have the life of our dreams. Only we find that this fails to make us happy and doesn’t fulfill our hopes.

The art is in unlocking your joy. If you can do that, you will not only have a much more fulfilled life, you’ll accomplish much more with less effort than you ever imagined possible.”

—Joe Hudson

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Joe has received rave reviews for his team workshops and courses.  All our major courses are easily adapted for companies, and we have several trainings not offered online. We're happy to explore your needs and offer a solution that will deliver great results.



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Joe offers a variety of coaching and teaching opportunities, ranging from online courses to in-person workshops and retreats.

Online Courses

Joe designs and runs online courses for individuals looking to deepen their self-exploration journeys.

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Joe coaches a handful of executives on a limited basis, by invitation and referral only.

In-Person Intensives

Masterclass Alumni have the opportunity to attend weekend and weeklong in-person intensives.

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