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“In 2022, facing my own crisis, I started doing inner work with the Art of Accomplishment. Through their intense but wildly effective program, I wrested free of my insecurities, unhelpful voices, and limiting beliefs. I became joyful, emotionally fluid, and whole. For the first time since I was five, I was me again. ”

Dave Hersh

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

"Since participating, I've noticed a significant shift in how I approach conversations and interactions with others. I find myself being more effective, truly listening, and exercising patience—an aspect I've struggled with before."

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Zinzi Nsingwana

“If you're interested in learning to work with emotions and have more effective relationships with yourself and others, I couldn't recommend the course more. I've read dozens of self-help books, but never encountered anything quite so impactful for me.” - Read more

Andrew Conner

Co-founder of Levels Health 

“At its essence, the Art of Accomplishment is a journey to discover the person inside that’s waiting to love you. It’s 8 weeks of exercises that help to wipe away the makeup. It’s about wiping away the makeup to find the scar underneath, to face the scar, and let it heal by simply acknowledging it." - Read more

Anita Amini

Somatic Coach

“Joe’s one of my foremost teachers on models and frameworks for navigating human emotions. He has a powerful way of seeing you and directly pointing at the thing that you didn’t realize you needed to look at. And when you look at it, you get blasted open with an invitation to a completely new way of experiencing life.” - Read more

Edmond Lau


“The single most impactful piece of personal development I've ever experienced.”

Corey Johnson

Executive Director, Imagine Scholar

“The Great Decisions course changed the way I relate to myself and my emotions. As a result, decisions evaporate. Knowing what the 'right' thing for me is... Is always just sorta there. When you know, you know."

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EJ Allen

CTO & Coach

“I saw a bunch of strangers from around the world come together and immediately go deeper than I’ve ever seen a group go.” - Read more

Tiago Forte

Founder of Building a Second Brain

"I've listened to almost the entire Art of Accomplishment podcast archive, and many of the ideas shared have radically changed how I show up.”
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Jonny Miller

Founder of Nervous System Mastery

"A complex, challenging, but deeply rewarding and hands-on course to help you become comfortable with all aspects of yourself and truly listen to other human beings."

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Jay W.


"After the Great Decisions Course I don't need to make decisions anymore. They make themselves. My only choice is whether to resist them or not."

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Max Sutter

Founder & CEO, celebrate apps

"Once we discover the emotional landscape inside of us, the mountains can suddenly become really enjoyable to climb."

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Bea Pole-Bokor

Social Media & Visibility Coach, B!Social

"An essential tool for getting internally aerodynamic."

Nichol Bradford

Partner, Niremia Collective

“I came for better communication, but I learned how to be myself.”

Noah Maier

Head of Partnerships, Galaxy Gives Philanthropies

“I have this feeling now that intentions are great, but principles drive identity changes. There’s an absolutely wild feeling when you consciously recognize that you have changed your mind about yourself. Noticing that an identity has got you to where you are but is no longer serving is highly empowering."
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Ben Borowski

Co-founder of Oki Doki Digital

"I can confidently say that I got everything I wanted. I can't put all the new perspectives into words, but feel like I have a quiver of tools that will be valuable for the rest of my life. I'm able to be more open and less guarded. I embrace intensity, including anger." - Read more

Andrew Conner

Co-founder of Levels Health

“Once you’ve agreed to show up and do the work, it’s impossible not to be forever changed by it.

My relationship with my husband is deeper, richer, and more interesting than ever before."
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Marie Poulin

Founder of Notion Mastery

"A mind-bending journey into myself. An intense deep dive into long held beliefs and patterns. Would highly recommend to anyone who’s ready to work hard and open up to the unexpected. There’s magic at the end of the rainbow… and it’s waiting for you."

Lucie K

"Being thrown into the deep end of being vulnerable and authentic"

Mike Ouimet


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