MOAB, UTAH • OCT 18-21, 2024

Join Brett in the Utah desert for a deep dive into your relationship with fear.
Sleep under the stars and play over the abyss as you cultivate intimacy with fear as a source of presence and vitality. Through individual, partner, and group work, you'll excavate and unpack the ways you relate to it in your everyday life. Then, bring your fear to the cliff’s edge and explore how your world changes as you welcome it.

Registration opens in August. Sign up above to reserve your spot.

What happens inside you as you approach the edge?

How many big moments in your life have you braced against, pushed through, or skipped over?

How often do you really stop to feel what's happening for you when you're scared?

This retreat is for people who:

  • Are ready for a visceral experience to illuminate the fear they're already feeling every day.
  • Want to explore their beliefs and values around fear and rediscover fear as a path to presence.
  • Are excited to meet fear as a friend and experience the freedom that happens when we don't avoid life by avoiding fear.


Friday, October 18: Intentions
Arrive in the afternoon and set up camp near Mineral Bottom Canyon, a breathtaking 900-foot-deep sandstone gorge that serves as a natural outdoor playground. We'll have dinner together and set intentions around the fire.

Saturday, October 19: Excavation
Explore the rim of the canyon and your internal landscape of physical, social, and existential fears. Identify patterns and see how they relate to others in the group. Design personal experiments to bring to the cliff jump Sunday.

Sunday, October 20: Cliff Jump
Approach the edge while paying detailed attention to what happens in your body. Take turns running experiments with yourself and the support of the group. Follow your body's wisdom over or away from the edge.

Monday, October 21: Closing Circle
Breakfast, closing circle, gratitudes, breakdown camp and depart. For those with extra time, we may go for a swim near the town of Moab.


The cliff jump is a close cousin to a bungee jump. A key difference is that you’re connected at the waist, so you’re not left dangling by your feet at the end. After a brief freefall, you swing safely away from the cliff, rather than bouncing as you would on a bungee. The rope system allows a lot of freedom in how you jump, and the catch is less forceful.

After jumping, you'll be lowered to the ground where you can hike 15 minutes back to the top.

It’s a great way to play with the resistance that comes up when you curl your toes over the edge of any scary commitment in your life.


We will be providing tents, sleeping bags, mats, chairs, shade, and common infrastructure (though you’re welcome to bring your own personal gear if you prefer).

We’ll be providing meals, drinks, coffee, and snacks starting with dinner on Friday night through breakfast on Monday morning.

We will be away from cell service for the duration of the trip, though only an hour from town in case of emergency needs.


May 3-6, 2024

Moab, Utah

Slots Available:

You will be responsible for your own airfare, renting or sharing a vehicle, and following driving instructions to a remote pin in the desert outside of cell range.
Questions? Email us:


Join us in the Utah desert for a deep dive into your relationship with fear.


Per person


There are daily flights in and out of Moab Regional Airport (with limited availability).
A less expensive option is to fly into Salt Lake City, pick up a rental car, and drive down (approx. four hours each way).

Whichever airport you fly into, we recommend carpooling with someone and renting a high-clearance vehicle to drive to the location (4WD is not required — any compact SUV or larger will do).

Our location will be a 1-hour drive from both the Moab airport and the town itself. We'll meet at camp by Friday evening and break down after breakfast on Monday.


All participants must be able to hike relatively flat ground for 20-30 minutes.

No previous rope experience is required, and onsite instruction for participants will be provided. If you’ve ever had any major shoulder, arm, or back injuries, we recommend getting cleared by your doctor first.

Cliff Jump Weight Limit: 250 lb


The Cliff Jump will be rigged and guided by Matt Blank. He and his team have been doing this type of rigging since 2009 and have serviced roughly a thousand people in that time with no injuries. They’ve done commercial projects with this setup for Discovery Channel, The North Face, and Sony along with smaller projects for German television and a number of private groups.


Brett Kistler


Brett Kistler is an entrepreneur, coach/facilitator, and co-host of the Art of Accomplishment podcast. In his heart, he’s an adventurer. He spent 15 years traveling the world full-time to pursue action sports like motorcycling, SCUBA, skydiving, paragliding, wingsuiting, and BASE Jumping. He’s completed over 3,000 injury-free parachute jumps in far-flung locations around the world including Iran, Turkey, China, and the Arctic.

The area in which we’ll be playing is one of deep importance in his own journey of self-exploration. The riggers who will be supporting us are long-time personal friends who have themselves been on decades-long journeys with risk and reward, and know this area and their craft inside and out. It is our deepest joy to have the opportunity to safely share these experiences with others.

Alexa Kistler


Alexa is trained as an anthropologist, and her passion for “making the strange familiar… and the familiar strange” has informed her path through corporate work as a strategy consultant, her work with individuals as a coach, and her work as an AOA facilitator. Alexa currently lives in Berkeley and is focusing on starting a family.