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Cohort Completion Rate
Strongly Recommended
The personal breakthroughs I experienced have been nothing short of transformational.
Tiago Forte
Founder of Forte Academy

Create the life you want
with enjoyment and ease

Master Class is our flagship program and our most sought-after experience. Since its inception, we have sold out every annual cohort. 

We believe that profound experiences require profound presence. That’s why Joe Hudson and our team of senior coaches pour their wholehearted dedication into the program every year and give each student personalized attention. 

While we would love to provide this program to as many people as possible, the level of care we give each student means we limit availability.

Enrollment will open to the general public for only 12 days this year, from May 22 to June 1. Those who sign up for our waitlist will receive 24-hour priority access to enroll on May 21.

“This was the most transformative online experience I've had. It unfolded swiftly and overflowed with love.” 

Tali Kimelman
Fine Art Photographer

The Master Class Experience

“We don’t tell you how to improve yourself or become someone else. We remove what’s standing in the way of who you already are.”

After decades working with some of the world’s most successful executives and leaders, Joe began to notice patterns to what holds people back from achieving the life they want.

Over the years, he distilled and refined these into seven key areas. Master Class is a carefully crafted deep-dive into seeing through and undoing these seven limitations.

In 2022, facing my own crisis, I started doing inner work with the Art of Accomplishment.
Through their intense but wildly effective program, I wrested free of my insecurities, unhelpful voices, and limiting beliefs.

I became joyful, emotionally fluid, and whole. For the first time since I was five, I was me again.

Dave Hersh

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

"There’s something that you’ve been trying to do for years, that you have not done.

And I can tell you why you haven’t done it without knowing what it is."


Joe Hudson

The “coach behind Silicon Valley’s unicorn CEOs,” Joe is one of the most renowned teachers among the world’s top leaders, from OpenAI to SpaceX to Apple. 

A former venture capitalist, Joe's approach springs from a 23-year meditation practice and insights from dozens of spiritual, psychological, and neurological traditions.

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Andrew Conner

Co-founder of Levels Health
I can confidently say that I got everything I wanted. I can't put all the new perspectives into words, but feel like I have a quiver of tools that will be valuable for the rest of my life. I'm able to be more open and less guarded. I embrace intensity, including anger.

If you're interested in learning to work with emotions and have more effective relationships with yourself and others, I couldn't recommend the course more. I've read dozens of self-help books, but never encountered anything quite so impactful for me.
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Course Overview

"Gave me an arsenal of tools to embrace the intensity of life!"

Shravya Nalla

Entrepeneur, Educator, Mom

The Reverse Classroom

Small Group
A 90-minute live call each week to experiment with and reflect on the week's lesson with a group of 6 participants
Rapid Fire Coaching with Joe
Rapid Fire Coaching with Joe is available to participants in weekly group calls.
Listen to a special episode each week that introduces the key topics
Solo Work
Perform experiments on your own to explore and practice with what you’ve learned
Partner Work
A 60-minute live call once per week with a partner to practice and integrate new distinctions using exercises
Big Group
A 90-120 minute live call once per week that includes coaching by Joe, a Q&A on the week’s lesson, and conversational exercises

“Over decades of doing transformational coaching, we’ve seen that
transformation doesn’t come from more information.”

There are some things you can only learn by stepping up to the baseball plate. No amount of reading or watching others play can compare to picking up a bat yourself. The same is true for the deep emotional work we do in Master Class. 

That's why we designed this course in a "reverse classroom style" to be intentionally light on theory:

  • Aside from one podcast a week, we have almost no lectures or presentations. 
  • Instead, you’ll engage in solo work and run live experiments with your partner and small group. 
  • Every Friday, we’ll host a Q&A with Joe where you can ask intellectual and emotional questions, dive deeper into what’s coming up, and get coaching.
  • Each week is designed to be a cohesive arc and begins on Friday. We release all materials for you to prepare for your live calls.

Enrollment will open to the general public for only 12 days this year, from May 22 to June 1. Those who sign up for our waitlist will receive 24-hour priority access to enroll on May 21.

RUNS JUNE 7th - august 2ND

Course Schedule

The Master Class runs for 8 weeks from Friday June 7th to Friday August 2nd.

Welcome & Kick-off Call: Friday June 7th @ 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM PT (check your time zone)

Partner Work

Partner calls are scheduled with your partner (you'll meet them in the course).

These are mandatory and not recorded, and they are an essential part of the course.

They last 60 minutes and happen on Monday or Tuesday.

Small Group Work

Small Group calls last 90 minutes and are scheduled on Wednesday or Thursday.

These are mandatory and not recorded, and they are an essential part of the course.
You will pick a time when you enroll and keep it for the entire course.

Small Group morning and evening times are available:
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM PT  (check your time zone)
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM PT  (check your time zone)
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM PT (check your time zone)
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM PT  (check your time zone)

Large Group Q&A and Rapid-Fire Coaching with Joe Hudson

Every Friday 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM PT (check your time zone)

These are optional, but highly encouraged. We recommend attending so you can ask questions and get the chance to be coached live by Joe on a topic of your choosing. These will be recorded for later viewing.


Course Curriculum

Week 1 - Embarking on the Journey
In Week One, we’ll lay out how to make the most of Master Class — a clear map of what to expect along the way, the necessary conditions, the best approach, and the potential pitfalls to watch out for that tend to slow people down.
Week 2 - Connection over Perfection
Week Two will start diving into a commonly held myth — that we need to strive for perfection. What if being in connection with your customers gets better results than trying to make a perfect product? We are taught from a very young age that doing things perfectly will get us where we want to go in life. What if doing things in connection is far more effective?
Week 3 - Enjoy over Manage
“The problem with getting good at managing your life is that you end up with a life that has to be managed.” Many of us believe that we have to manage ourselves, our companies, and the world around us to get what we want. In Week Three, we explore how to enjoy your life and get what you want with far more efficiency.
Week 4 - Feel over Figure
We are told to ignore our feelings and to be rational about our lives, especially about important matters. But if we removed the emotional part of our brain, it would take us five hours just to pick a pen color. In Week Four, we begin to see through this myth and recognize how managing our emotions often leads us away from what we actually want.
Week 5 - Want over Should
Should is a mechanism of shame, and shame is the lock that keeps the chains of bad habits in place. In Week Five, we learn how to break free from the things we believe we should do, and how to get in touch with and honor what we actually want, without craving.
Week 6 - Authenticity over Improvement
In Week Six, we’ll see how self-improvement can quickly turn into just another way for us to beat ourselves up. We’ll dive into the difference between self-discovery and self-improvement, and how this nuance can lead you to your freedom.
Week 7 - Empower over Power
Power is looking to find safety. It's an expression of fear. Empowerment is standing in the face of that fear and being truthful to yourself. In our second to last week, we’ll discover how empowerment leads to the sense of security and freedom we all desire.
Week 8 - Love over Defense
Love can't really exist without empowerment. Our last week will explore the pragmatic power of love, and how many of our commonly held misconceptions about love prevent us from experiencing the deep peace, enjoyment, and welcoming that is always available.

Reviews for AOA Courses

Connections Course is brilliant. It gave me tools to welcome uncomfortable feelings, and to lean into being vulnerable with others. To connect rather than resist. A powerful life-changing experience toward the freedom of being fully at ease in my own skin!
Jai Jamison
Lighting the way to the answers you always knew you had.
Brian Redmond
A new lens through which the see the world as more accepting, open, and grateful.
Eshan H
AoA will make you see all the ways you limit yourself and walk you through the way out.
Brian Wang
Gave me an arsenal of tools to embrace the intensity of life!
Shravya Nalla
8 weeks of intensive personal development for your mind, body, and heart.
Adrienne St. Aubin
It is a deep physical, emotional, and spiritual massage all the way to the core of your being!
Bryce Astill
An eye-opening class that taught me how to better understand myself and others, with the greatest impact being able to make more meaningful connections.
Greg Hughes
Intensive self exploration program that will help you see who you really are.
A course that teaches you to un-learn self-defeating relationship & communication habits by approaching people more openly.
Nick Sweeting
If you want to grow as a human being, AoA is the place to find tools, community and a very effective and genuine path.
Veronica Cordeiro
It's an intense experience of internal exploration.
Julia Saxena
A way to improve your state of mind as you relate to others.
A great way to connect with the people you love and yourself.
Johanna Fulghum
AoA is a course that teaches you to drop the critical fear-based narrative from your life and live a life of connection, love, and adventure.
Mikhail Turilin
Terrific way to refine being human, sifting through layers of vibrant self-discovery and way more love to fuel the journey.
Mary Martin
It was a transformational experience. My relationship with my emotions has changed dramatically. I no longer look at them as enemies but rather aspects of myself that I want to get to know.
Audrey Desjarlais
An exploration of the deep end of the emotional pool.
Clint Harder
A substantial upgrade to emotional intelligence, unlocking more ease, joy & assurance.
Max Phillips
Lifechanging in the most unexpected way.
Inna Lykhovyd
Reconnection with humanity starts with yourself. To rediscover how to authentically be present with yourself and others, take the connection course.
Finding out you have emotions about everything you do---then jumping into them like a deep pool and swimming and floating and being.
Kirsten Senturia
An essential point of view for creating a safe container for self realizations and connections.
Erika Lopez
Vexing, liberating, challenging, joyful--a course that inhabits the same space as a roller coaster about to release into high speed--that mix of fear, anticipation, and ecstasy!
Connections 101: Learn to feel and BE your authentic self in connection with others.
Sneha Vaidyanathan
This is the missing manual for creating authentic connections.
Steve Choo
An experience. An emotional intelligence and whole life awareness course.
Shawn Parrotte
Joe Hudson is a mad genius of emotional transformation. AoA rocked my freaking world.
Rob Hardy
One-year-ago-me would have hoped but not dared to believe I could feel like I do today.
Pim Ruhe
Self help that builds tools for lasting change.
Philip Postma
AoA is a portal to the emotional transformations you yearn for but have had no idea how to access
Nick Catton
AoA was an earthquake, uprooting old ideas I had about success and relationships, freeing me to be more authentically who I am. It transformed my life.
Michele Gill
If you're in a career and achieving a ton but things just don't feel right, take a look at Art of Accomplishment.
Mark Alexander
If your personal engine is running rough and you find yourself grinding the gears, this 8-week course can help you make small adjustments with big impact toward getting yourself aligned and running like a dream.
Maureen Carruthers
A fresh and different take on self development that changed my perspective, my understanding and myself forever. I'm so grateful I did it!
Mattia Gheda
An emotional dojo for working on the most difficult, buried, and hard to overcome blockers to reaching our full potential.
Joseph Kelly
The best online emotional development course out there.
Lulie Tanett
Take ownership of your life to live authentically and fully. The AoA course is a deep dive into your strengths, your fears, and what makes you uniquely "you". Transformation will happen, regardless if you want it or not!
Eva Pianezzola
The AoA Masterclass gives you useful tools and a great start for a lifelong self-discovery journey with a community of people who are all on this journey with you.
Esther Holleman
The most effective transformation work I’ve ever done.
Amaya Gutierrez
AoA provided me the tools to learn, integrate and embody a new relationship with my work, with friends and family and, most importantly, with myself.
Christy Tripp
Personal development coursework stemming from vulnerable heart opening experiments with yourself, partner, and larger community.
Erin Newhall
Art of Accomplishment is the best personal development course I've taken. It helped me to get to the core of what was holding me back. It's absolutely transformed all areas of my life.
Anton Zolotov
The Art of Accomplishment is the most meaningful group experience that I've ever been a part of. The community is priceless. It taught me how to be better at being myself, how to accept and embrace all that life is, and as a result, allows me to be more effective in my life
Sarah Melody Vinci

“The problem with getting good at managing your life is that you end up with a life that has to be managed.”

“The best program you can take to become more yourself, and to be happier and more successful. If you have the courage to dive deep.” 

Matt Rudnitsky

Founder, Platypus Publishing

Pricing Plans



Our original flagship program with high touch and limited access. Since its inception, we have sold out every annual cohort.

Who it's for:
Our course is designed for anyone seeking profound personal growth and transformation, regardless of profession or background.

It is a powerful experience for anyone who wants to identify the roots of your limiting beliefs, break free from what is holding you back, and create the life you want.

If you’re in a profession of helping others in their journey or if you're an executive, you can go deeper with one of our more comprehensive options below.

  • 8 weeks of guidance, a dedicated partner, and an intimate group format for deep learning
  • Daily practices for integration and solo experiments
  • Partner exercises
  • Small group exercises
  • Large group Q&A’s and Rapid fire coaching with Joe
  • Lifetime access to our online community

Applications will be open to the public on May 22. Those who sign up for our waitlist will receive 24-hour priority access to apply on May 21.

This year, we are offering an added Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Session with a senior AOA coach to the first 20 students who enroll.

MASTER CLASS Executive COhort


Designed for executives and leaders, this comprehensive tier includes unique material that is directly applicable to your business, including: 

  • How to create five-star meetings. 
  • Effective problem-solving in teams. 
  • Working with projections on authority. 
  • Creating alignment in your team. 
  • How to not burnout in leadership. 

You’ll also work closely with Joe Hudson to apply the Master Class learnings directly to your organization.

Who is it for:
This exclusive tier is very limited in number and requires an additional application. It is tailored for executives and leaders who are guiding teams and seeking to transform the way they show up in business from the inside out.

It is the only tier offering private, personalized 1:1 coaching with Joe.

  • 8 weeks of guidance, a dedicated partner, and an intimate group format for deep learning
  • Daily practices for integration and solo experiments
  • Partner exercises
  • Small group exercises
  • Large group Q&A’s and Rapid fire coaching with Joe
  • Lifetime access to our online community
  • PLUS a cohort of other executives that you can learn from.
  • PLUS  one 60-minute 1:1 session with Joe.
  • PLUS a weekly small group session facilitated by Joe.
  • PLUS Priority access to Groundbreakers, our week-long in-person program run by Joe Hudson for executives.



Elevate your coaching, therapeutic, or healing practice with an immersive add-on experience. In addition to the Master Class curriculum, you'll participate in six live small group facilitation sessions with master somatic facilitator Tara Howley, diving deep into an embodied exploration of the course material.

Who it's for:
This offer is ideal for anybody assisting others on their journey. While it is not a coaching certification training, it will empower you to apply and integrate the transformative lessons from the Master Class into your practice in a deeply embodied way.

  • 8 weeks of guidance, a dedicated partner, and an intimate group format for deep learning
  • Daily practices for integration and solo experiments
  • Partner exercises
  • Small group exercises
  • Large group Q&A’s and Rapid fire coaching with Joe
  • Lifetime access to our online community
  • PLUS a weekly deep dive into an embodied experience of the curriculum with 8-12 participants led by Master Facilitator Tara Howley

"A mind-bending journey into myself. An intense deep dive into long held beliefs and patterns. Would highly recommend to anyone who’s ready to work hard and open up to the unexpected."

Lucie K

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any other questions? Reach out, and we'll be happy to help.
Contact us
I’m not an executive – is this program right for me?
  • If you’re limiting yourself and your access to this course based on your resume, then not only is this course right for you, it will speak directly to what’s getting in your way. 
  • Personal and professional problems arise from the same fundamental source. Our psyche doesn’t know the difference between them, and we are the same person encountering any challenge we face, regardless of where we face it. 
  • The focus we have is on self-exploration and unlocking your fullest potential, which transcends any specific career path.
What makes Master Class cost $6,500? 
  • We have considered raising the price for Master Class since we sell out every year and believe that the course’s value is much higher than our price.
  • We’ve chosen not to because we want to support folks in all professions. 
  • $6,500 is the cost we have decided on that reflects the time and effort of our team, along with the deep care and personalization we provide to every participant — all while keeping it accessible.  
  • We’ve designed it to have a long tail of learning, because our curriculum revolves around pattern recognition. In fact, many previous participants form groups to rerun the Master Class on their own.
  • Finally, we’ve seen time in and time out that the investment you put in is the best indicator of your commitment. And we only want to work with people who are committed to the work.
What will I get from this course that I can’t get from just listening to the podcast? 
  • What can you get from playing baseball that you can’t get from watching it? The answer is the same: It’s an embodied experience. 
  • It’s the difference between listening to a podcast from a personal trainer and booking an in-person appointment. There is a world of difference to have someone guide you into what it feels like to be in certain positions and to help you make micro-adjustments. 
  • This hands-on approach helps the knowledge actually become a part of you—integrated into your body—rather than something you’ve heard someone talk about.  
How could an online course be more effective than an in-person retreat?
  • It’s not more effective, it’s effective in a different way. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. 
  • There’s a different kind of change that happens when you are able to do this work over eight weeks, instead of over four days or a weekend retreat. 
  • Master Class takes place alongside your work, your relationships, and your daily routine. This means that you are able to directly apply what you’re learning to your daily life. 
  • This will lead you to discover things that you would not discover in the context of a retreat. 
Who is Master Class not for?
  • If you’re not using your skepticism effectively: Skepticism is healthy and an important part of the journey. But if you’re skeptical before running experiments, it will add in a bias that renders the experiment ineffective. Our exercises are most useful when you can keep an open mind, until after the fact. Then, skepticism  is invaluable. 
  • If you’re not ready to be sincere: The work we do requires a deep commitment to self-exploration. If you’re unable to join the program from a place of sincerity and openness, this likely won’t be a good use of your money.  (Note: Sincerity does not mean seriousness. Enjoying the process is one of the most effective ways to be in this work.) 
  • If you're fully satisfied with your current state of being: The Master Class is a catalyst for profound change, a space where you are encouraged to question long-held beliefs and patterns. If you don’t see anyplace where you want to change your way of being, this might not be the right program for you. (Hint: Satisfaction does not mean believing yourself above others or thinking that you're in control of your emotions. These are usually a sign that you’re protecting yourself.)
  • If you don’t want to embark on an emotionally rich and intense journey of self-discovery: The Master Class is an intense and immersive experience that is designed to push your boundaries and challenge you to find your edge. While we provide expert care and guidance along the way, this isn’t the right program for everyone.
What if I’m not sure I have enough time for Master Class?
  • Thinking you have a lack of time to do this work is a good indication that this work will have benefits for you.
  • The sense that you have a lack of time is often due to over-management, perfectionism, defensiveness, fear, and shame. All of these are addressed in the course. 
  • Consider this: Many of us have time to consume content, scroll on our phones, and run around in circles at our job, but we don’t have time to work on things that increase our capacity for a lifetime, which no one can take away from us.
Why is Master Class only held once a year?
  • Joe works with our team of highly trained coaches to personally track every single participant’s journey in the course. 
  • This level of care and commitment to your transformation is what sets the Master Class apart, and why we are only able to run the course once a year. 
What should I know before joining the course? Are there any prerequisites to joining?
  • There are no formal prerequisites for joining the Master Class. The only requirement is an openness to explore, engage, and experiment with the principles taught. 
  • To get the most out of the program, we encourage you to approach it with intentionality, vulnerability, and a spirit of curiosity and enjoyment. 
  • Also, nobody is forcing you to take this course. If a friend or colleague is pressuring you to come and you don’t feel called to it, then you shouldn’t do it.

For those seeking additional guidance, we offer a prep guide via email to help you prepare for the Master Class experience. Join the waitlist to get our Master Class Prep Guide.

What is the difference between the Connection Course vs Great Decisions Course vs Master Class?
  • The Connection Course is designed specifically around relationships with yourself and others, communication, and resolving conflicts.
  • Meanwhile, the Great Decisions Course has a deep focus on emotional fluidity and decision-making.
  • Master Class helps you see through the seven limiting beliefs that most people have. 
  • The content and results of all the courses are different, with only a small overlap when necessary. 
Why should I do Master Class instead of a similar coaching certification program where I can receive training? 
  • You shouldn’t. If your goal is to become a certified coach, you should absolutely pursue a coaching certification program. 
  • Our courses are focused on self-development. As you learn about yourself, coaching comes out of that. 
  • We do not focus on skills because many people who coach aren’t doing a good job — they have the hard skills, but not the inner knowledge and wisdom. 
  • For us, coaching is a secondary thing. No one gets accepted into our coaching programs until they’ve done a significant part of our work so we can be sure that they are actually interested in self-exploration above the techniques of coaching. 
What are the tangible tools and things I will get from masterclass?

There are too many to name, but some of the most powerful are: 

  • Seven recognition tools that directly apply to your life and work and help you remove what limit you.
  • How to move through projects with a lot more efficiency and effectiveness.
  • How to embrace mistakes with less shame, reducing drama in your life.
  • Developing a deeper, embodied intelligence to navigate life's challenges.
  • Understanding the wisdom behind various emotions and their signals in your work, business, and personal life.
  • Recognizing that when anger shows up, there is a boundary that needs to be drawn.
  • How to deal with the negative self-talk in your head. 
  • How to stop managing yourself and your life, and getting better results because of it.

Most importantly, you will be surrounded by an amazing, supportive community of like-minded and ambitious individuals. Many people in our cohorts become close friends and remain in touch for many years. 

How flexible are you with timing?
  • Very. Your solo work is done on your own time, the partner session is scheduled on your own time, and the weekly Q&A with Joe Hudson is recorded if you are unable to attend. 
  • The small group session is available at four different time slots. (See Course Schedule). Please reach out if you don’t think any of the times will work for you.
Can I get a reimbursement from my employer?
  • Yes. During the application process, you will have access to a pre-written template which you can use to explain the value of the program to your manager or company and request reimbursement.
  • Many organizations provide professional development stipends to their employees.
Is a payment program offered?
  • Yes, you can pay in installments. Contact us for more details at
Can I travel during the course?
  • While travel is possible during the Master Class, please keep in mind that there is one immovable weekly call for your small group. 
  • You'll need a strong internet connection, good lighting, and a distraction-free environment to fully participate without compromising your experience. 
  • As long as you can commit to attending the weekly small group call and partner call and completing the necessary work, travel should not be an issue. 
  • That said, we have seen people get the most out of the experience when they allow themselves greater space to integrate their learnings.
“Incredible guidance for unlocking what holds you back from living wholeheartedly.” 

Jason Berv

Transformational Coach

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